We welcome you to the House of Mercy,
this is a place where restoration began.

A place where your soul will be watered with the living Word of God, to produce a life worth living again. We assist those who have been cripple by life experiences, to take up their bed and walk. We help you to regain your true identity in who Christ say you are according to his design for your life. It is our sincere desire to share God's Word in all its truth in Love, yet not compromising the original intent. If you attend one of our services, you will hear the truths of God's Word presented passionately, clearly and lovingly, in ways that will provoke you to hear what the spirit of God is saying to you. Allow your heart to respond to God's word with Yes and Amen, to enter into a new life, in Christ Jesus. Our Praise and Worship Service is clearly enforced by God's presence. The diversified music, along with colorful videos that express each heart felt song, along with the lyrics, will make your heart sing. You will find yourself drawn closer to commune with God through worship and praise song ,will illuminate the joy of the lord inside of you. This experience will surely leave an imprint of love on and in your heart. We encourage everyone to dress comfortably. For some that might mean dressing up, for others casual clothes. Whatever, you decide to wear, make sure it is decent and that God gets the Glory. We want everyone to come in ready to enjoy learning about God's Word, so we can be exceedingly glad, that we are in God's Will.

Service Times

Sunday 11:00am
Wed: Prayer 6:30pm
Wed: Bible Fellowship 7:00pm

Contact Info

911 N. Parsons Ave. Suite A
Brandon, FL 33510
Phone # 813-507-7679
or 813-502-6441